Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A looooong break.

Hi guys.    Sorry about the long absence.   Only minimal painting and gaming going on.    Due to some personal, financial, and health issues,  I've had to seriously curb activities.    Thankfully,  I'm still working when so many aren't.

  I've developed adhesive capsulitis in my right shoulder  (a condition I'm just getting over in my left shoulder).    I can still work,  but anything else is too much.    I can only hold a paintbrush for about 5-10 minutes without exteeeeeeme discomfort.    Good news is,  it only lasts 2 to 5 YEARS! yay.

  I do plan on gaming more.    I recently went to an big monthly gaming event at my FLGS.    I managed to get in a couple of board games along with a rousing game of Car Wars.   Got my ass kicked at all THREE,  but that's not really the point for me.    I had a blast.

  'Til next time,    GO PAINT SOMETHING!

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